BrainGPT, artificial intelligence that reads your thoughts

2023-12-13 15:02:00

Australian researchers have combined artificial intelligence with electroencephalography to create BrainGPT, a non-invasive system that allows you to speak just by thinking about words. The researchers hope to help anyone who has lost the use of speech.

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Patients suffering from syndromesyndrome of confinement, or locked-in syndrome (LiS) in English, are completely paralyzed and have no means of communicating with those around them, except those around them. movementsmovements of the eyeseyes or eyelids. In France alone, there are 500 of them. In order to help them, researchers from Sydney University of Technology decided to use recent advances in mattermatter of artificial intelligence to directly read their thoughts.

Their system is called BrainGPT and relies on electroencephalography (EEGEEG) to detect brain activity, rather than a more invasive method. The patient porteporte a helmet filled with sensorssensorsand the signal is then decoded by an AI model called DeWave.

Video demonstration of how BrainGPT works. © University of Technology Sydney

Performance that can still be improved

The AI ​​was trained on 29 volunteers to transform EEG readings into words and sentences. The researchers believe this should make the system more robust and adaptable than previous technologies tested on only one or two people. BrainGPT achieved a score of 40% on the Blue test (bilingual evaluation understudy), which notably evaluates machine translations and voice recognition. The researchers believe they can improve BrainGPT to reach a score of 90%.

This technology could benefit anyone who has lost the use of speech, and even be used for human-machine communication in general, such as using a prosthesisprosthesis bionic or to control a robot. The researchers are presenting their research at the NeurIPS conference taking place this week in New Orleans.

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