Brave Female College Student’s Journey to Becoming a Police Officer Amidst Heroic Act

2023-11-07 14:04:22

A female college student in China decided to become a police officer because she defended her classmate from a knife four years ago. (Photo/reproduced from People’s Daily Online)

Infinite glory! When a female college student in China ended her evening self-study four years ago, she and her classmates returned to the dormitory. Unexpectedly, they encountered a man with a knife. She immediately pushed her classmate away and stabbed herself eight times. Because of this incident, she decided to When I become a police officer, I hope to protect the lights of thousands of homes and serve the people down-to-earth through my own efforts.

According to People’s Daily Online, female college student Cui Yiwen went back to her dormitory with a female classmate after studying in the evening on March 10, 2019. She encountered a man with a knife who suddenly rushed towards the female classmate beside her. She immediately pushed the other person away, but she was stabbed twice, and then stabbed several times by the gangster. Despite this, she insisted on using her thin body to protect her classmates. She was seriously injured after being stabbed 8 times in total, but she was still optimistic and cheerful, “I am A child of a soldier, I just know that if I don’t rush forward, she might die.”

Cui Yiwen wants to imitate his father and protect the people. (Photo/reproduced from People’s Daily Online)

Cui Yiwen was lying in the intensive care unit. Her father couldn’t help crying when he saw her appearance, but she comforted her: “It doesn’t hurt, really, it doesn’t hurt at all…” and later recovered smoothly. Adhering to the belief of “wanting to protect more people” and her father being a soldier, she decided to apply for the police. “He is to protect the country, and the police are to protect the people.” During the police induction ceremony on September 1 this year I solemnly swore to become a people’s policeman of the Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau.

As soon as the news came out, netizens praised: “She will definitely be a good policeman”, “Brave girl, you are awesome”, “Awesome, you are sacrificing yourself for others”, “I hope she will not suffer any more in the rest of her life.” “Personal injury”, “She proved with practical actions that she is worthy of this uniform, this badge, and this identity.”

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