Brave Land Grand Final: Luis Mateucci’s Response to Daniela Aránguiz Rumors

2024-04-22 12:15:43

This Sunday, the grand final of Brave Landwhere, as budgeted, faces were seen Luis Mateucci y Fabio Agostini.

And after a passionate duel, It was the Spaniard who beat the trans-Andean and took the 25 sticks of prize for home.

However, prior to said confrontation, a particular situation occurred when Matias Vega I was interviewing the trans-Andean in Peru, where he made the final.

Of course, in the special program that Channel 13 made in Chile, Pamela Diaz He decided to ask a question that raised hives.

“Did you expect Daniela Aránguiz to come see you?”, launched La Fiera into the air. Immediately afterwards, this situation took Matías by surprise, who had no choice but to ask the participant the question.

“Who asked that question?” Mateucci asked back and somewhat annoyed. In fact, at that minute Vega confessed that she was not sure, but informed him that Priscilla Vargas, José Luis Repenning and Pamela Díaz were in the studio.

Luis Mateucci’s unfiltered response

In any case, without being very convinced, Luis decided to respond to the query related to his now ex-partner.

“If you mean that he is in the final (present), no, I still don’t find it funny, but everything is fine,” the reality boy responded.

In addition, Luis referred to his breakup with Aránguiz after his defeat.

“If the breakup with Daniela affected me? Yes, that worked against me a lot. I had a very difficult week. I have all the affection for Daniela, all the love. “I know that she is a good mother, a good woman, she was a good companion and a good friend,” reflected in dialogue with LUN.

But that’s not all, because he also clarified that he is not planning any type of remember

“Right now I’m not going to be with her nor do I think I will be again, but I know that after all this storm we will be friends again and we will be there for each other forever. But I am clear that I will not return to her,” he finished.

Notably, In recent days, a rumor arose that the Argentine had called Aránguiz to break up with her on the phone after his arrival at Win or Serve?where evil tongues claim that he would have hooked up with Daniela Colett, the ex-wife of Eduardo Vargas.

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