Brave Merchant Stops Robbery and Holds Criminal for Police in Montevideo and Buenos Aires

2023-07-04 23:59:00

A young merchant was the victim this Tuesday afternoon of a robbery by a criminal, but after the fact decided to run him and hold him until police officers arrived half an hour later.

The surprising thing about the case, which occurred on the corner of Montevideo and Buenos Aires, is that the young rrecognized the criminal, because the day before he stole a bag for 10 thousand pesos in the same business.

“Today he took a similar amount, and we managed to prevent the same thing from happening. 24 hours ago he did the same thing, and it’s actually the third time. The whole neighborhood already knows him, and he continues to do the same thing,” said the young merchant to Mobile telenoche (Three).

Asked about the moment of arrest, he explained: “I kept him from being hit by some neighbors, because if he didn’t run away and tomorrow he’ll rob us again. I hope it’s useful for something, but I have my doubts that it won’t happen again.” .

Another neighbor later commented: “I don’t know if it’s a liberated area, or why it happens that we get robbed every day. We’re really tired of having to put up with these robberies. I feel squeezed, outraged, I can’t stand that these things happen in a so beautiful city In this corner they broke the window three times and stole electronic things. A disaster”.

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