Brave Rescue of Dog from Brussels Canal: A Heartwarming Story of Community and Courage

2023-12-04 06:07:00

This Sunday, around 4:15 p.m., a call to CU112 reported a dog in difficulty in the canal near Quai des Péniches, in Brussels. The dog couldn’t get back on the bank.

The firefighters quickly arrived on site. A colleague from the restaurant located at the same location had advanced into the water to catch the canine and keep it close to the dock.

The capital’s fire brigade then helped him bring the dog back to dry land. The canine and his rescuer were able to warm up in the ambulances dispatched to the scene. The dog, after recovering from his emotions and warming up, was entrusted to his owner. Apparently, the animal got scared and ended up in the water.

As for the savior, he returned to the restaurant to go about his business. The firefighters were keen to salute his life-saving intervention.

brussels dog canal

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