Brazil hijacks Zanaro ball mob Indicates the overthrow of the government – ​​no amnesty – Khaosod

Brazil hijacks Zanaro ball mob Pointing to overthrow the government – ban amnesty

Brazil hijacks Zanaro ball mob – 10 Jan. APBrazilian protests erupted in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro urging the new government to punish supporters of the defeated former leader and riot in Brasilia.

The protest began inside the University of Sao Paulo before escalating into rallies on the streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, attended by thousands. The marchers shouted “No amnesty do not accept amnesty do not accept amnesty.”

One of the marchers said people who rioted must be punished. including those who ordered and those who contributed funds to the riots. Another person wearing a shirt that says “Democracy” stated, “They don’t represent Brazil, it’s us (the majority).”

The call for punishment reiterates the painful memory of Brazilians for the amnesty of soldiers in the Brazilian army who faced accusations of persecuting and killing people during Brazil’s dictatorship from 1964 to 1985.

As for the progress of the riots in Brasilia, police have arrested more than 1,500 people, many of whom were arrested while demolishing the parliament, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace.

Supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro attacked police officers who had gathered the detainees at the National Stadium. and accused of treating the protesters with excessive violence

Brasilia’s Metropolitan Police said it was prosecuting at least 1,000 rioters and was being transferred to several prisons.

The same is true for the new government statement. Leaders led by President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva insisted the police prosecution was only the beginning.

Flavio Dino, Minister of Justice confirmed that will prosecute those behind the riots Since recruiting supporters to join the cause funding support on charges of conspiring to commit a crime using force to destroy the rule of law and overthrow the regime

In addition, the Ministry of Justice will continue to review information indicating The government building security sympathizes with the mob and allows them to easily attack.

“We will not bow to legal action. because it will create an important precedent to prevent such incidents from happening again, ”said Mr. Dino.

President Lula da Silva has signed a decree that puts a central government agency in charge of maintaining order in Brasilia. It has been approved by the House of Representatives and is currently under consideration by the Senate.

The riots in Brasilia have underscored the threat to democracy from authoritarian poles and the far-right refusal to admit defeat by former president Bolzanaro. From the election on 30 Oct. 2022

The defeat prompted supporters of former president Bolsonaro to rally in front of the Brazilian military barracks. Called on the army to bring out troops to oust President Lula da Silva, but the army remained silent. causing the demonstrators to decide to do it themselves instead

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