“Breaking News: 6-Star Frame and Latest Elections Updates – Stay Tuned with Daily News”

2023-05-14 22:30:00

6-star frame, dated May 15, 2023

News 1 PT. is not in a hurry to hold hands and move far Wait for the still score “Pitha” is ready to discuss the formation of a government Uncle Tu’s face remained calm and encouraged. Jurin, thank you for every voice.

news 2 for Thailand slides stumbling Go far and overtake the curve The cobra is dead

news 3 Thai people use their right to turn the country around, bustling in every booth. people of all professions historical inscription

1 star frame, 2 days in advance (16 May 2023)

News 1 advance beyond expectation The orange trend did not take “2 Uncles” to successfully penetrate Phuket Island. Bangkok swept almost everything. Area Heavyweight “Land Slide”

news 2 “Pita” ready to discuss “Area” together with the original opposition to form a government The PPP supports the number 1 party “Uncle Tu”, the elephant raised his head still.

news 3 Parade uses the right to change the country history inscription people of all professions Indicate the line to drop the card

All details can be followed in the “Daily News” newspaper on May 15 and the advance issue on May 16, 2023.

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