Breaking News: Arrests made in Mallorca gang rape case – Latest updates and footage revealed

2023-08-20 18:31:50

The police were able to catch the alleged perpetrators of the gang rape in Mallorca. When they called the victim’s cell phone, one picked up.

The victim’s cell phone led the Spanish police directly to the alleged perpetrators. The 18-year-old British woman, who was forced to have sex by eight tourists in Magaluf, Mallorca, told police during her initial interrogation that the men had taken her cell phone while molesting her in a room at the hotel.

As the newspaper “Última Hora” reports, one of the Guardia Civil officers is said to have dialed the number of the 18-year-old – one of the suspects picked up. With two other people involved, he went to the hotel entrance without realizing that the police were waiting for him with the victim. The security forces arrested French AG, AA, both 20 years old, and 18-year-old KA.

Two men are still wanted

When questioned, the victim provided descriptions of other men who were also involved in the alleged gang rape and who were later located by investigators. The officials had checked the surveillance cameras of the hotel. A little later, the 20-year-old Swiss LH and the French TE (23) and RC (26) were taken into custody.

The Calvià criminal police are currently looking for two other suspects who are also said to have participated in the sexual assault on the British woman. The victim gave investigators a description of the two young men.

Exploited drunk victim

The British woman is said to have been very drunk during the act – the men are said to have deliberately exploited the drunkenness to convince the victim to accompany her to the room, the judge responsible for the case suspects. The suspects are said to have “performed numerous sexual acts on her while the woman was apparently unconscious and unwilling to perform those acts.”

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As “Última Hora” continues to write, the victim has no clear memory of what happened in the room. It just woke up amidst the group of men filming it on their cellphones, some with their flashes on.

On Saturday it became known that the alleged perpetrators had filmed more than 20 videos of the sexual assault. Thirteen recordings were found on the phone of one of the men alone.

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