Breaking News: Bomb Threat Leads to Evacuation of Sainte Marie School in La Louvière

2023-10-19 09:47:44

According to several sources, a bomb threat was declared within the establishment, located rue de l’Olive in La Louvière. The information is not yet confirmed and should be taken with caution. Primary and secondary students were taken to the Bouvy sports hall.

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The nursery was also evacuated. “We were in the courtyard when we heard a suspicious noise. Then, we saw an educator running. The director, Mr. Montero, then gathered us all in the courtyard and we all left at the same time towards the sports hall. An ambulance came because apparently there had been some discomfort,” a student from the Sainte-Marie Institute told us.

The students were taken to the Bouvy sports hall. -Arnaud Dujardin

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The La Louvière police zone communicated on its Facebook page: “Following a suspicious situation, our services are evacuating the Sainte Marie school, rue de l’Olive. Security perimeters have been installed, it is advisable to avoid the area. The situation is under control. The entire school is evacuated and is fine, parents are asked not to go there. Information will follow to recover the children peacefully. They are all safe. »

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The mayor of La Louvière, Jacques Gobert also spoke: “Don’t panic, the situation is under control. Thank you to our police teams for their responsiveness and for their professionalism. Thank you also to the teachers who supervise and reassure the students,” he said.

Note that, contrary to what certain rumors claimed, the ICET and the Athénée are not affected by this evacuation (information from mayor Jacques Gobert).

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Initially, parents were asked to come and collect their children from the sports hall. But in the meantime the instructions have changed: buses have been chartered to transport the students to Louvexpo. This decision caused a lot of incomprehension and tension among the parents who came there.

Finally, shortly after 1 p.m., the moms and dads were allowed to collect their offspring and leave the sports hall through the back. The other children will be taken to Louvexpo.

Note that, according to our colleagues from Le Soir, a primary school and a secondary school (the ‘t SJIBke and SJIB schools in Betekom) in Flemish Brabant also had to be evacuated this Thursday morning.

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