Breaking Records and Winning Gold: Hangzhou Boy Wang Li Chao’s Journey to the Paris Paralympics

2023-10-25 23:22:00

Hangzhou boy Wang Li Chao broke the Asian Paralympic Games record twice in one night and won two gold medals. His next goal is the Paris Paralympic Games.

Yesterday, Wang Lichao won gold medals in the 100-meter freestyle S5 final and the 50-meter backstroke S5 final at the Hangzhou Asian Paralympic Games.

Last night, Hangzhou native Wang Lichao broke the Asian Paralympics record and won two gold medals in the men’s 100-meter freestyle S5 final and the men’s 50-meter butterfly S5 final. At this point, Wang Lichao ended his trip to the Hangzhou Asian Para Games with 2 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze.

Regarding his performance that day, he said he felt great. “Fighting in front of my own home, the cheers and cheers of the people in my hometown gave me a lot of motivation. I lived up to expectations and broke the competition record.”

During the competition, Wang Lichao hit his head quickly against the swimming pool wall when he reached the finish line, which made the audience feel distressed. He responded: “I don’t feel pain. When I sprinted to the finish line, I was concentrating and moving forward bravely. I couldn’t care less about the pain.”

In addition to the results in the competition, the recently released special documentary film “Water Makes Me Reborn” has also attracted people’s attention to Wang Lichao’s life story. On the field, Wang Lichao is like an “armless dragon”, treading water and stirring up waves. As for Wang Lichao off the field, under the lens of the director, he has a “tough man’s tenderness”. When he makes video calls with his wife, his voice is gentle, he will praise his wife’s choice of wedding dress, and he will affectionately hug his wife when she comes to visit…

“The documentary has been filmed for a long time. Many scenes show our daily life, getting along with our families, competition training, etc. I highly recommend everyone to watch it and get a feel for the life of disabled people.”

Wang Lichao also revealed that he had been training in isolation before, spending less time with his family and spending more time apart. He was very grateful to his family for their efforts, especially since his wife just gave birth to a child this year, which has been very hard. “After training every day and having video calls with my wife and children, the fatigue of the day has dissipated a lot, and I am more motivated,” he said with a smile.

After this game, he couldn’t wait to go home and reunite with his family.

Wang Lichao is an outstanding athlete who came out of Hangzhou. From “armless boy” to “armless dragon”, he has overcome difficulties that ordinary people can’t imagine and stood on one arena after another.

In April 2019, at the U.S. leg of the World Paralympic Swimming Open, Wang Lichao won the men’s 50m backstroke championship with a time of 34.60 seconds, breaking the world record. Later, Wang Lichao appeared again and won the championship with a time of 32.96 seconds. The men’s butterfly champion broke the world record again. In August of the same year, Wang Lichao once again broke the world record in the swimming competition of the 10th National Paralympic Games.

In August 2021, at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, Wang Lichao won the 20-point men’s and women’s mixed 4×50-meter freestyle relay gold medal and the men’s S5 level 100-meter freestyle silver medal.

Regarding the next plan, he said: “The next goal is the Paris Paralympics.”

Source: Daily Business Daily Author: Reporter Liu Xun/Reporter Liang Mengcheng/Photograph Editor: Cheng Huiyu

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