Breaking Through the Russian Defense Lines: A Tactical Analysis and Progress Update

2023-09-06 04:51:02

It is essential “push the walls on both sides. Without this, if the reconquered strip of land remains too narrow, the Ukrainians risk being shot. “Nor, moreover, should the breakthrough take place too quickly in depth without, behind, there being a solidity of the logistics lineadds Alain de Nève, researcher at the Royal Higher Institute for Defence. These are balances that the Ukrainians will have to manage to find, with limited means..”

The Ukrainians claim to have succeeded in breaking through the first of the Russian defense lines present there, lines which are part of a set of fortifications called “ligne Sourovikine” named after the commander-in-chief of the Russian forces in Ukraine between October 2022 and January 2023. According to them, the first line was the most difficult to pass. Ukrainian General Oleksandr Tarnavskiy, in charge of the counter-offensive in the South, believes , in the Guardian, that Russia had spent 60% of its time and resources on building the first line of defense and only 20% on the second and third lines, because Moscow did not expect Ukrainian forces to break through . A similar notice had also been issued by BELOW previously.

Will the sequel really be easier? Before answering this question, let us stop on these famous lines of defense. There was confusion as to whether they had actually been pierced. The tweet below, taken up in particular by analysts who study Russian defense networksexplain : “The first part of the defenses is the combat zone, almost every line of trees is fortified. It is heavily mined and consists mainly of small trenches and fight holes (hole used as a shelter or shooting position, editor’s note)sometimes very large.”

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