Brilliant Performances at the 31st Chengdu World University Games: Taiwan Shines with Gold and Silver Medals in Martial Arts and Judo

2023-08-02 15:12:06

The opening ceremony of the 31st Chengdu World University Games was held on July 28. The event was fully launched on the 29th, and the Chinese team also received medals in succession.Among them, martial arts player Sun Jiahong performed the most brilliantly. He won the first medal of this World Universiade for Taiwan, and also added the first gold medal to shine.. in addition,”“Judo god” Yang Yongwei won the silver medal in the men’s 60kg class, creating a new page in Taiwan’s history!earlierIn the badminton mixed team competition, the Chinese badminton team reversed and defeated China to win the second gold for the Chinese teamAt present, Taiwan has accumulated 2 gold medals, 9 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals. The competition is still ongoing. If the women’s basketball team wins again, they can advance to the gold medal match, including gymnastics, shooting, taekwondo, track and field and other popular medal-winning sports. “NOWnews today “News” also specially helps readers sort out the complete schedule of the Chinese team on August 3!

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swimming ????‍♀️

Men’s 200m Butterfly— Wang Guanhong group preliminaries 09:00 / semi-finals 18:32

Men’s 200m BreaststrokeCai Bingrong, Zhu Chenkai Group preliminaries 09:40 / semi-finals 18:54

Women’s 100m Backstroke — Xu An Group preliminaries 09:58 / semi-finals 19:16

Men’s 50m Backstrokepoint – Zhuang Mulun group preliminaries 10:06 / semi-finals 19:25

Women’s 100m Breaststroke FinalLin Yuyu 19:32

Men’s 200m Individual Mixed FinalWang Xinghao 19:56


Women’s semi-final Team China — China 19:30

Gymnastics ????????

Women’s Team Finals and Individual QualificationDing Huatian, Lai Pinru, Lin Yizhen, Wu Xingfen, Wang Zhiti 19:00

Athletics ????

Men’s Decathlon 110m Hurdles — Wang Chenyou, Ding Shengxuan 09:00

Women’s 100m Hurdles Round 1Xu Le, Lin Shiting 09:30

Men’s Decathlon Discus Throw— Wang Chenyou, Ding Shengxuan 09:45

Men’s decathlon shot put – Wang Chenyou, Ding Shengxuan 10:55

Men’s Decathlon High Jump — Wang Chenyou, Ding Shengxuan 18:00

Women’s 200m Round 1Zhang Ziling, Zhang Boya 10:10

Men’s 200m Round 1Song Yujun, Ge Wuyanming 11:07

Women’s Hammer Throw QualificationYu Yaqian 11:20

Men’s Decathlon Pole VaultDing Shengxuan, Wang Chenyou 11:45

Men’s 400m Hurdles Semifinals Peng Mingyang 18:00

Men’s Decathlon Javelin ThrowDing Shengxuan, Wang Chenyou 18:05

Men’s High Jump Final Cai Weizhi, Fu Zhaoxuan 18:10

Men’s Decathlon 1500mDing Shengxuan, Wang Chenyou 20:25

Volleyball ????️

Women’s 9-12 Ranking Race 1 Team China — India 20:00

shoot ????

10m Air Rifle Mixed Team — Lu Shaoquan, Lin Yingxin Qualification 09:00 / Second Stage 10:00 / Final 11:30

10m Air Pistol Mixed Team — Wu Chenglun, Liu Hengyu Qualification 13:00 / Second Stage 14:00 / Final 15:30

Billiards ????

mixed doubles Huang Yancheng, Li Yuzhun 10:00 finals/13:00 semi-finals/17:30 finals

women’s singles Huang Yuwen, Huang Yuqiao, Jian Tongjuan, Li Yuzhun, Huang Yuzhen Top 32 Finals 10:45/ Top 16 Finals 14:15/ Top 8 Finals 16:15

men’s doubles Yang Ziyi/Huang Yancheng, Li Xinyang/Wang Chenyou 16 finals 13:45/8 finals 16:15

women’s doubles Huang Yuwen/Li Yuzhun, Huang Yuzhen/Jian Tongjuan Top 16 final 14:15/ Top 8 final 16:45

Men’s Singles Top 32 Finals Wang Chenyou, Huang Yancheng, Yang Ziyi, Yang Jiaan, Li Xinyang 14:45

Taekwondo ????

Men’s 63 kg classXu Haoyou

Women’s 73kg Cai Nianen

Men’s 87kg — Jian Junren

Women’s 53kgSubaya

The knockout round of the top 16 starts at 09:00, followed by the knockout round of the top 8, the top 4 and the final

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