Bringing Japanese Games to Xbox: An Effort towards Diversity and Expansion

2023-09-24 22:33:42

Since the early days of the Xbox 360, it’s undeniable that more Japanese games of all kinds have been released for Microsoft’s competitors than for the Xbox. But Xbox boss Phil Spencer and others on his team have also made no secret that this is something they want to change, and have frequently courted Japanese game developers in an attempt to improve them. Efforts on Xbox. During a Q&A with Spencer at the Tokyo Game Show last week, Game Watch asked him this question specifically, and he wanted to know if there would be AAA Japanese games like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for the Xbox Series S/X, to which he responded: “You can count on it. In fact, last year we launched Hi-Fi Rush. It was a small title, not as big as Azure Dragon, and it should be high quality. Japanese game creators are also at Microsoft Game Studios, although some games are not yet announced, but we are also working with Japanese manufacturers on new games. The development environment is growing, both first and third party, so we can expect to see more Japanese games in the future. Even though we have no idea about the status of these projects You know, but it seems like there will be more Japanese games coming to Xbox in the future, both exclusives and big games. Is this something you missed on the Xbox console?
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