British defiance heats up European commissioners meeting

Boris Johnson . / Reuters

The EU planned to bring ‘pragmatic’ solutions to London to break the current blockade on the status of Northern Ireland

SALVADOR ARROYO Correspondent in Brussels

The twist in the script that Boris Johnson intends to impose on the ‘Brexit’ agreement, and more specifically his intention to change the protocol between Ireland and Ulster by removing the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) from the supervision of eventual disputes, alters undoubtedly the content of the meeting scheduled for this Wednesday of the conclave of commissioners in Brussels.

Under the chairmanship of Ursula von der Leyen, the College will have this burning issue on the table just when it was expected that Maros Sefcovic, David Frost’s commissioner, would transfer to London more flexible conditions for the execution of customs controls in the zone. What the Slovakian politician defined as “pragmatic” solutions to break the current blockade on the status of Northern Ireland.

In any case, the central thread of the message that Brussels will send to London is expected to be the refusal to remake the Irish Protocol and, of course, the supervision of the CJEU (as was insistently stressed before, during and after the agreement) is non-negotiable.


Another uncomfortable issue that will be in the commissioners’ discussions this Wednesday (although it is not formally on the agenda) is Poland and the challenge of its Constitutional Court to the supremacy of European law.

Until December 2, an opinion from the high court of Luxembourg is not expected on the appeals presented by Hungary and Poland against the agreement of the European Parliament and the Council to make European funds conditional on respect for the principles of the rule of law in the EU .


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