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Bruce Springsteen sells rights to all his music to Sony for half a billion dollars

The contract would cover not only his albums but also music composed for other artists.

Born to run… and to make money (not just a little). For now, the Boss has not confirmed the information, but according to the American trade journal Billboard, Bruce Springsteen has signed in recent days a contract ceding the musical rights to all of his titles – 300 songs in all – with the group Sony Music Entertainment. Estimated amount of the transaction: $ 500 million.

If this sum were confirmed, it would make it one of the biggest deals in music history for a single creator, writes Billboard. The magazine specifies that the contract covers both the catalog of music recorded by Springsteen but also what he has composed for others – for example the “Because the Night” performed by Patti Smith. Neither Sony nor the singer’s representatives responded to requests from the American media immediately.

Springsteen, 72, had been with Columbia Records, now owned by Sony Music, since his debut album in 1972. But he had regained some control over his production during a renegotiation with the record company ago. almost thirty years.

According to the RIAA, the main organization of the American music industry, Bruce Springsteen has sold 65.5 million albums in the United States alone, including the legendary “Born in the USA”. Globally, the figure exceeds 130 million albums sold.

In December 2020, the Universal Music group announced that it had acquired Bob Dylan’s entire repertoire, i.e. more than 600 titles, for $ 300 million.


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