Bruised husband! Wife won the 1st prize, refused to tell and ran away to marry again. Call for lawyers to campaign for help.

On March 11, 2023, at the Lawyer’s Office, Chaengwattana Road, Khlong Kluea Subdistrict, Pakkred District, Nonthaburi Province, Mr. Narin (surname reserved) or Ek, ​​47 years old, Chaiyaphum young man, went to file a complaint with Nakon Kaewpetch, chairman of the campaign network. reclaim social justice to ask for help after marriage, living with his wife for more than 20 years until having 3 children together, by himself going to work in Korea, sending money to his wife every month After the wife won the 1st prize, received 12 million, changed to a different person. What’s even worse, he secretly flees and marries a new man, a crowd control police officer. therefore making himself very sad, did not think that his beloved wife who had been together for more than 20 years would hurt each other to this extent

Mr. Narin or Ek said with tears that He and Miss Chaweewan or Wee, 45 years old, who is his wife. Have been married for more than 20 years until they have 3 daughters together, are poor, the family owes more than 2 million baht, so he and his wife consulted and decided to go to work in Korea together, both of them in 2014 later He heard the news from his father that his mother had died. So he and his wife discussed what to do. In the end, his wife said that if we both returned, we still had not paid off the remaining debt, let them make a good decision. At that time, his wife was 7 months pregnant, so she decided to let her go back to Thailand. By himself working and sending money to his wife every month 27,000 – 30,000 baht

Until he heard the news from his son and father that His wife won the 1st prize for the draw on March 1, 2021, number 835538, with his wife earning a total of 12 million baht, but she never told her. He came to know from his son that his father had to hurry back. Don’t be difficult over there. because my mother won the lottery He tried to call and talk to his wife, but he didn’t answer. It also blocks phone numbers. Block your face too So he decided to return to Thailand on March 3, 2023 to see his wife and 3 children, especially his 3rd daughter, who he had never seen before.

Mr. Narin or Ek continued that, but what was even more shocking was that his father said that His wife remarried on February 25, 2023, with a police officer in the crowd control department. He therefore felt very sorry. Didn’t think that his wife, who had lived together for more than 20 years, would hurt him so much.

“Now I can’t really do anything right because he has nothing left. The money earned from working in Korea was sent to my wife every month. until only 60,000 baht remained with him, he wanted lawyers to campaign for help, demanding justice for the part he should receive, “said Mr. Ek in tears.

On the side of the campaign lawyer, he said, first of all, if he does not live together as husband and wife. The man does not have to send almost 30,000 baht a month, but this shows that they are still living together. As he bought the lottery, he had to split it in half according to joint ownership. As for the new husband who married as a policeman Should know that he hasn’t broken up yet. If they broke up, why would this way send money? Men send money to support their families, not just to raise their children. The husband can file a disciplinary offense. The heaviest punishment is dismissal from the police service.

even if they do not register their marriage But living together and people in the village perceived that they were married. Husband went to work in Korea. Wife raising children in Chaiyaphum Let’s talk and see how we can take it. but had to divide the property because the man said there was nothing left A man sends money to his wife almost 340,000 – 350,000 baht per year since working in Korea. The son said that the father had only 60,000 baht, the father had all this and nothing left. As for the lawsuit, you have to go to court to ask for half of the ownership, which is 6 million baht per person.

Bruised husband!  Wife won the 1st prize, refused to tell and ran away to marry again.  Call for lawyers to campaign for help.

News Surasit Sinprasert, Nonthaburi Province

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