Brutal Showdown: What’s in Store for the German Team Against Colombia in the World Cup?

2023-07-15 08:28:35

By: Robert Schreier (currently in Australia)

What’s in store for the German team? A test match by the Colombian soccer players was canceled on Friday evening because the opponents of the World Cup preliminary round, the DFB team, are said to have played too brutally.

What happened?

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The women’s national teams of Colombia and Ireland played a closed World Cup friendly in Brisbane, Australia. The Irish team stopped the game after 20 minutes because Colombia had played “physically too much”, the Irish association said.

Abandoned due to brutality

Several Irish media are reporting that midfielder Denise O’Sullivan, 29, has had to be taken to hospital with a shin sprain after a violent foul. The feared break was not confirmed there. Instead, she suffered a soft tissue injury and has to wear a special protective boot. “There was a risk of serious injury. The doctors feared that last night, but the X-ray showed that there is hope,” says Ireland coach Vera Pauw (60).

Before the foul, the Colombians had already received two yellow cards within 19 minutes. Coach Pauw describes: “My players felt in great, great danger, they expressed fear. They were extremely upset. There was no other option but to stop the game to protect my players.”

The Colombian FA said, “Ireland decided after 23 minutes that they didn’t want to continue playing. Although all the processes and training of our teams are in line with the Laws of the Game, healthy competition and fair play, we respect the decision of our opposing team.”

In an interview HERE, tears fall from England star Kane

Quelle: YouTube: First We Feast 14.07.2023

On July 30, Colombia is the second preliminary round opponent of the German team. Our girls have known for a long time that the South Americans play physically robust. The hard-playing test opponent Zambia (2:3) was specially selected as a Colombian copy. “With Colombia, the same pace and the same physique will come to us,” says captain Alexandra Popp (32).

How brutal it will be against Colombia remains exciting after the Ireland scandal…

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