Buckshot Roulette: A Psychological Horror Game Exceeding One Million Sales – Reviews, Updates, and More!

2024-04-18 09:15:06

The psychological horror game “Buckshot Roulette” developed by independent developer Mike Klubnika announced on April 17 that its sales have exceeded one million copies. The game first launched on itch.io in December last year. It launched on Steam on April 5 this year. accumulated 10,000 copies in two weeks. It received massive praise and a multiplayer mode in which players hit bowls was officially confirmed to be in development.

“Buckshot Roulette” (literal translation, Bullet Russian Roulette) presents the dark atmosphere of old movies through the raw graphics of 3D modeling. The gameplay mimics the classic death-defying game “Russian Roulette”, except it uses a 12-gauge shotgun. Absolutely head-turning Russian roulette.

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Players face the Devil Dealer in first person. Each round lasts three rounds, lasting approximately 15 to 20 minutes. At the start of each round, the shotgun will be randomly loaded with live ammo or blank ammo. will take turns to pull the trigger. Each player and the dealer have their own stamina. If they are hit multiple times and their stamina is depleted, the round ends.

You can choose yourself or your opponent when shooting. Ejecting with an empty ball will render the dealer unable to act during the round. If it is a live bullet, you will be rescued by an AED (before your physical strength is exhausted). From the second round, you can use random accessories, such as those to restore physical strength. Cigarettes and saws that double the power. The game is not only about luck, but also about psychological warfare to outsmart the opponent.

“Buckshot Roulette” became very popular after its release on Steam. The peak number of simultaneous downloads was close to 10,000 and sales reached 500,000 in 5 days (4/10). Sales of the game would double and reach one million after a week. Milestone, they once again thank all the players and supporters.

“Besides, you remember Dr. Jewel ( @juerucj) ? He is the exceptional artist who drew the key visual for “Buckshot Roulette”. The good news is that he not only made this work into a dynamic wallpaper, but he also made another version of it! “The official release of “Wallpaper Engine” two devil dealer themed wallpapers in this game, and also announced that the game’s “multiplayer mode” is under development. More information will be officially announced in the future.

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