Bugatti celebrates the 114th anniversary of the birth of engineer and designer Jean Bugatti

The Bugatti family around the world will celebrate 114 years from the day Jean Bugatti was born.

As a freethinking engineer and designer, his automobile creations were exceptional and he dared to break the rules and conventions.

Today, his work continues to inspire the team at Bugatti’s home in Molsheim.

Ettore Bugatti’s first child, Gianoberto Carlo Maria Bugatti, was born in Cologne, Germany, on January 15, 1909. In Molsheim, he became known as Jean, the French equivalent of “Gian.”

Growing up in a family of visionary artists, Jean benefited from an education that would allow him to thrive as an automotive engineer. It quickly became apparent to many that his mind was free of the usual set of design rules and conventions.

“Jean Bugatti was an artist of the highest order who happened to draw his work in the automotive sphere,” says Christophe Piochon, president of Bugatti Automobiles.

“And for that we can all be grateful, because Jean’s work was extraordinary; The conceptions of him at the time were not just forward-looking, but otherworldly.”

As a young man, he ambitiously added a new dimension to the Type 41 Royale that his father introduced to the world in 1926, designing the Type 41 Royale Roadster Esders, an elegant two-seater convertible.

And the Esders ushered in not only Jean’s design journey, but also the beginning of the Jean Bugatti era of business, guided by her beautiful designs and ingenious creations. In 1936, Ettore handed over to his son, handing her full responsibility for the company at the tender age of 27.

It is a clear sign of his confidence and attitude that in the same year that he was entrusted with driving Bugatti, Jean created a car recognized today as one of the most beautiful in history: the Type 57 SC Atlantic.

This car quickly became an iconic reference point that went beyond the automobile, taking its place as part of a collective French design movement that was at the forefront of Art Deco interpretation.

His legendary creation would even go on to inspire the exclusive La Voiture Noire1, a modern homage to the Type 57 SC Atlantic. Jean’s legacy, however, would extend far beyond this car. His bold work and artistry have echoes down the centuries, influencing Bugatti’s form and style in the modern era.

Visible on models like the Type 50 and Type 57, the acclaimed C-line Jean design has been carried over the decades, visible on both the Veyron and Chiron2, becoming a central part of the Jean’s identity. Bugatti design.

Jean’s design work also focused on the use of perfect proportions, bold accentuation of the center line and dropped waist, which were used to great effect on the Atalante and Atlantic.

His use of two-tone colors and the creation of shapely shapes designed to reflect light in interesting ways is constantly mentioned in the modern world of Bugatti design.

There’s no question that Molsheim’s current modern lineup of hyper sports cars is deeply connected to Jean’s visionary ideas.

Jascha Straub, Bugatti Sales and Design Executive, said: “As I work on a car with a client, as I play with new colours, textures and designs, I always keep in mind Jean’s legacy and her innovative vision for the brand and its way to treat cars like sculptures and set motion in motion even when the design is static.

Many of our clients value our brand’s heritage and its visionary custodians, so we often look to accentuate the center line and create colorways that best showcase Jean’s approach.”

While Jean’s light shone brightly, her arc was unfortunately meant to be short. On August 11, 1939, at the age of 30, Jean tragically died in a car accident not far from the Bugatti factory.

But Jean’s light will always shine on Bugatti, helping guide the brand as the future unfolds.

Even in the company’s latest creation, a one-of-a-kind Chiron model called the Profilée, which goes up for auction in Paris on February 1, Jean’s character and body of work are evident, shaping the automotive solitaire with a sleek and timeless design. .

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