Build a solid line of defense to serve the grand event. The Huanyong Public Security Checkpoint is activated. Nanning Police reminds: Please plan in advance when entering the city – Xinhuanet

2023-09-10 01:01:55

Original title: Build a solid line of defense and serve well at the Huanyong Public Security Inspection Station launched

Nanning police remind: Please plan in advance when entering the city and reserve time to avoid delaying your trip

In order to build a solid line of defense and serve the 20th China-ASEAN Expo and the China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Nanning police have fully activated public security checkpoints at various entrances to Yong to carry out round-the-clock checks on vehicles, people and items entering Yong. Strict security inspections will be carried out to ensure that the China-ASEAN Expo and Summit are held safely and smoothly.

At the Nahong Public Security Checkpoint, reporters saw that officers on duty, composed of public security police, traffic police, auxiliary police and security personnel, conducted comprehensive safety inspections on vehicles, people and items entering the city to eliminate risks and hidden dangers. The security inspection robots installed on both sides of the security inspection lane have functions such as identity comparison, license plate recognition, and window detection. They can quickly identify and compare license plates, drivers, and passengers respectively, greatly improving the efficiency of security inspection.

Despite the help of smart security and high-tech security equipment, the time period from 17:00 to 19:00 every day is the peak period for vehicles entering the city at various highway toll stations around the Yangtze River. In order to ensure that Nanning citizens and people from all over the country can quickly and smoothly pass through the Huanyong Public Security Checkpoint, the Nanning Police reminds citizens that if they have urgent matters and need to enter the city in a hurry, they should plan in advance and reserve sufficient time for entering the city, travel at off-peak hours, and avoid traffic and traffic. Use the entrance to the city with a large flow of people to avoid taking too long to enter the city and delaying the trip.

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In addition, vehicles entering the city need to be prepared for inspection in advance according to the guidelines. When vehicles pass through the checkpoint, please take the initiative to roll down all windows and cooperate with the safety inspection according to the instructions of the on-site personnel. The Huanyong Public Security Inspection Station strictly inspects and strictly prohibits the carrying and transporting of flammable and explosive items, firearms and ammunition, controlled knives and other prohibited items into the city. Vehicles coming to the city from Yongyong are asked to check whether there are any prohibited items in the vehicle before departure, and clean them up in time. Avoid affecting access to the city and traffic. (Reporter Zhu Xintao, correspondent Huang Changhui and Zhu Guanhua)

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