Bukele government intends to spend the entire 2021 Public Works budget in four months and then ask for more money with a new Assembly | News from El Salvador

The executive director of Funde, Roberto Rubio, described the declarations as a “supine ignorance” or a “moral decomposition in his intentions”. Other economists classify it as illegal and not very credible nonsense.

The government of Nayib Bukele intends to spend the entire 2021 Public Works budget in four months and wait for a new arithmetic favorable to his party to be configured in the Legislative Assembly to ask for more funds as an “alternative” to the modifications that the deputies They did the next year’s spending plan.

“And so that the works do not stop, we will invest what they allocated us for the year, in 4 months,” the president wrote in a summary of a video that explains to which areas the funds will be allocated.

This statement was later seconded by the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez, who stated in a radio interview: “As the president said, we are going to use the budget for the entire year in four months. Then, in the new Legislative Assembly we will request the necessary resources to be able to carry out works for the benefit of the country, ”said the official.

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This would mean a double budget for next year, at a time when the Salvadoran economy has fallen into recession and the level of indebtedness reaches 90% of GDP. The spending plan approved for next year amounts to $ 7,453.5 million, but presents a deficit or financial gap of $ 1,342 million, which will be financed with loans and issuance of titles for $ 137.5 million.

Hours after this tweet, President Bukele tried to explain that it will be the budget for public works that will be spent in 4 months. “The deputies reduced the amount of the budget for Public Works and left it at 1/3 of the original. 4 months is exactly 1/3 of 12 months. And 4 months is exactly the time until the new Legislative Assembly enters. and replace the remaining 2/3 ”, he added.

“Supine ignorance”

After this statement, the executive director of the National Development Foundation (Funde), Roberto Rubio, described this idea as “supine ignorance” because they do not understand that the only way to have another budget for the rest of the year, even if they have a majority In the Assembly, it is to increase income and that will only be done with debt.

“The way the country is, and especially if the creditors know that they want to spend the budget in 4 months, it is a terrible sign. It’s not just blowing and making bottles, as the saying goes. This is something that in reality you can see the only way is through indebtedness in conditions that you are not ready to go into debt, ”criticizes Rubio.

For him, trying to spend the budget in 4 months is almost impossible, it is the sign of ignorance, “especially when it comes to a rather inept government that has not even been able to build the El Salvador hospital. It is not only a matter of money but of capacity ”.

“Wherever you see it, it is not credible,” said the economist and dean of the Higher School of Economics and Business (ESEN), Carmen Aída Lazo, who adds that it gives the idea that the current administration “still does not know how it works. the State and its processes ”.

For her part, the economist Tatiana Marroquín described it as silly. “How shameful to be an economist and give these statements. What he says is not only irresponsible and illegal, it is also a great ignorance in fiscal terms. According to this bug, when the budget is approved, do they give them the bags of money for the whole year? What nonsense, ”he said.


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