Bukhynbalte broke up with Barzikov and decided to stay in Italy

Cristina Buhynbalte enjoys her vacation and spends time with friends, where she was invited by the former member of House 2 Cristina Prepelita. Yesterday it became known that Kris blocked Vanya on social networks after learning that he drove Anna Samonina in his car. Vanya claims that he had nothing with Anya and they rested in different clubs, but Christina does not believe him and began to post videos on her blog in which she talks about the near future, not related to the TV project.

Bukhynbalte broke up with Barzikov and decided to stay in Italy. She told her friends that she would not return to Moscow after her vacation and stroked her stomach, making strange hints for her fan club. Earlier we talked on shlok that Kristina’s fans write negative comments to Vanya, I wonder to what level they will sink now?

Bukhynbalte parted with Evgeny Romashov, being abroad, in approximately the same way. She said that she would not return to the project, her friends from Polyana were worried, persuaded Chris to change his mind, and Zhenya went to a nightclub, where he retired with Anastasia Bigrina. Then Chris returned and gave the couple a dressing down, allegedly she was testing Romashov’s feelings. After that, many guys on the project stopped believing Christina.

And so the second season of the series “queens of the house 2 also cry” began. Ivan Barzikov is not upset, he has his own affairs and worries. Naturally, Bukhynbalte will return to the project for things and will wait for Vanya to begin to apologize, persuade him to stay and make her an offer. Well, Samonina will get nuts, because Barzikov can communicate with by any girls of the project, except for Anya.

Isn’t Bukhynbalte herself tired of this dull play about treason and betrayal?

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