Bundesliga before fans return

An end to the ghost games is in sight: the Bundesliga clubs agree on a concept.
Picture: dpa

The Bundesliga hygiene concept was the key to success. Football is now taking the next step. Fans will soon be allowed back into the stadium. But the way there remains full of uncertainty.

IIn spring, the planned return of football split the Germans deeply. The emotions boiled for weeks. Not even a third of the population wanted the ball to roll again. An absolute majority opposed it. At the height of the crisis, discussions about the comeback of the Bundesliga became a symbolic argument between those in the country who continued to demand a tough course from politics and those who pushed for the first easing.

After all, it was their hygiene concept that allowed the German Football League to continue operating, albeit without a spectator. The concept that worked was the key to success. It also served other sports and industries to get back into business.


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