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Bundesliga – Cologne presses the reset button – Sport


Sebastian Rudy tells about the new colleague Jürgen Locadia, that he is not only "a cool guy", but also "relaxed and in a good mood". The veracity of this characterization was tested on Friday evening almost 50000 supporters of the 1. FC Cologne to the test, as they tried by whistling and angry yelling to bring Locadia from the rest. The game between 1. FC Köln and TSG Hoffenheim had already reached the 97th minute, several interruptions had prevented the punctual final whistle. The next break came when referee Robert Kampka rushed to the center line to consult the video screen.

Most fans of the FC, fatalistic experience, knew how to predict the course of things as soon as Kampka had set in motion: It would not stay for the first free kick for Cologne, but give penalties – for Hoffenheim. Locadia started to play, remaining cool and finishing the noise on the stands with a precise shot in the left corner. It was the winning goal for Hoffenheim 2-1, "that was of course bitter for Cologne," as Rudy sympathetically noted. This was particularly bitter for Cologne coach Achim Beierlorzer, who had to pay the price for the defeat the next day: The club gave him leave. His assistants André Pawlak and Manfred Schmid take over the work.

Unfortunately, we were forced to take this step, said acting sporting director Frank Aehlig, who replaced his former boss Armin Veh. Since the "hoped-for sporting success" has failed, now "we must do our utmost to ensure that the FC achieves its goals, so we made this decision together with the Board and the Management and in coordination with the Joint Committee. to find a new head coach for the FC, who with our team creates a new start and the sporting turnaround. "

No peace for the club

Beierlorzer's last game as FC coach was a bit of a relegation battle, but anything but a classic failure number. Among those Hoffenheimers, who later commented on the game, there was a consensus that a draw would have played the game correctly. Despite three points and the fifth Bundesliga victory in a row they had nothing to object, the TSG professionals are in the midst of a phase in which their luck laughs. The latter can not be said about the players of the riser. "We have to process that now, that's tough," said attacker Simon Terodde. After all, the players had been able to react to referee Kampka and his helpers on the pitch, there were wild protests against his revision decision and probably also some insults that the DFB ambassadors mercifully ignored. But leaving the field meant that Terodde had to come to his senses again. "We are in a relegation battle, all down again a bit," recommended the attacker.

However, the events in the Geißbockheim are not likely to create peace and serenity around the club. At the final whistle, the club had announced that sports chief Armin Veh and the FC immediately went separate ways, the already announced for the summer mutual goodbyes will be preferred, allegedly "amicably." To send out this communiqué, after the next dramatic defeat has just finished, testifies not only to a lack of feeling for the right moment, but also to a strange communication policy. Frank Aehlig defended the procedure: "We wanted to put the full focus on the game, but then it would have made no sense to let Armin with any fictitious reasons then no longer speak." He has known since Thursday evening: "Armin has fulfilled his responsibilities as CEO until the end, but the announcement of his decision not to extend it has acted as an accelerator."

Veh, 58, had followed the game in the stands – already out of service – sitting next to his former managing director colleagues Alexander Wehrle and President Werner Wolf. When Jhon Cordoba took Cologne into the lead (34th minute), the former manager did not want to be happy. He sat there unmoving, as if he were already back home with his thoughts in Augsburg.

Services of the mixed kind

The fact that the next separation decision will be forthcoming at the weekend was in line with general expectations. Achim Beierlorzer, 51, was already in disarray after the defeat in Dusseldorf (0: 2) last Sunday. Among other things, it was Veh's intercession, which had given him a probationary period. On Friday evening, Terodde had not let it be known that he would make a passionate vote for his coach despite his regular place. On appropriate questioning, he consistently avoided the oath of allegiance. Also Beierlorzer himself would like to make any plea in their own cause, the club superiors would even know if they wanted to "press the reset button". He did not appear either irritated or downcast; he evidently managed to come to terms with the ungrateful situation in the chaotic Cologne. "We have seven points, that's not enough," he explained.

Against Hoffenheim the Cologne had offered a performance of the mixed kind: Successful phases mingled with passages in which Fehlpass was ranked at Fehlpass. The fact that the experienced technicians Jonas Hector and Ellyes Skhiri excelled in this testified to the high level of nervousness. Sometimes the players moved as if Mafiosi had given them cement shoes.

Nevertheless, no more than the width of a hoe was missing to make seven out of ten points and thus also to save Beierlorzer's job. Immediately before the penalty on the other side Simon Terodde had the opportunity to 2: 1 had. He hit the right spot for Kingsley Schindler's pass, but the center forward did not hit the ball – he hissed between his feet as he attempted the heel kick. Then came the scene that Kampka decided on the television screen. Beierlorzer saw it and smiled a sarcastic smile.

Bundesliga Beierlorzer on leave

Beierlorzer on leave

The Cologne separate after the loss to Hoffenheim by Achim Beierlorzer. After sports chief Veh is now also the head coach.

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