Burkina Faso will distribute more than 16 million insecticide-treated mosquito nets

The Burkinabè government announced on Wednesday evening a campaign to distribute more than 16 million impregnated mosquito nets in order to fight against malaria. This country recorded 12.2 million cases in its health establishments last year, with 4,355 deaths.

During this campaign, which will begin on August 30, 16,051,518 impregnated mosquito nets will be distributed to all residents at the rate of one mosquito net for two, he said after the Council of Ministers.

The 2022 campaign has the particularity of distributing new generation mosquito nets throughout the territory given the resistance of mosquitoes to insecticides, the same source said.

In the latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO) on malaria in the world, the number of cases is estimated at 241 million and the number of deaths at 627,000. Their evolution in certain endemic countries remains worrying, according to the same source. Thus, in 2020, the WHO African region accounted for 95% of cases (228 million) and 96% of deaths (602,000) worldwide.

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