Businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima… deals the final blow to Yasmine Sabry and officially reveals his relationship with Mai Ezz El Din and his repeated visits to her at her home!

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The Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima is one of the most prominent names that enjoys wide attention locally and in the Arab world, especially after his association with screen star Yasmine Sabry, and before her the artist Haifa Wehbe.

Before his association with the artist, Yasmine Sabry, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashim was exposed to many rumors about his association with a number of artists, most notably Mai Ezz El-Din.

This was years ago, as it seems that the visits of businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima to the artist Mai Ezz El-Din during that period drew the attention of many,

Some even suggested that there was an emotional relationship between them, which angered Ahmed Abu Hashima.

Abu Hashima issued a press statement denying the rumors that there was an emotional relationship between him and Mai Izz al-Din, and that everything that connects them is only a friendship relationship.

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