Buy a PS5 for 1,499 euros? Usurious prices on through resellers

Buy PS5 or Xbox Series now? Scalpers deserve a golden nose! Image montage: DailyGame (C) Sony, Microsoft

It’s not easy at the moment to buy a PS5, not even on In the normal search query, you cannot find the latest Sony console and pre-order it. But you will also find what you are looking for at the online giant if you still want one.

Through a price query we are on an offer for PS5 on encountered that has it all. One is touted PlayStation 5 (Blu-ray version, ie with drive) of the brand “Soni”. The typo at the manufacturer’s point of view is likely to be intentional by the scalper / reseller.

The seller is currently giving up indicates that there are still 4 devices in stock, one Usury price of 1,499.99 euros (including VAT).

Facts about the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5):

Name: PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type: Stationary game console
Generation: 9th generation of consoles
Storage medium: Blu-ray
Release-Datum: 19. November 2020
Price: 499 Euro (Standard)
399 Euro (Digital Edition)

PS5: What’s the final price?

The offer of 1,499.99 euros for the PlayStation 5 it wasn’t all, there are still to come another 7.50 euros for delivery added. An enormous sum: the disk version of the PS5 normally costs 499 euros, so the seller’s offer is three times as high.

How do such prizes for the PlayStation 5 come together? The most common statement you will find about it: Demand determines supply. Currently, the PS5 is sold out worldwide and Due to the semiconductor shortage, it will continue to do so.

Not only is the Sony console being sold at absurd prices, but that too Xbox Series X and pretty much all graphics cards for PCs.

Who sells the Sony PlayStation 5 on platforms like Pretty much anyone can run their own little shop on Amazon. You need an account in the Amazon Seller Central, which you can get for 39 euros (excluding sales tax) per month. Half of what the online giant retailer has to offer is now from smaller retailers.

With the PS Plus Trophy Challenge you have the opportunity to win a PS5.  - Image: PlayStation

With the PS Plus Trophy Challenge you have the opportunity to win a PS5. – Image: PlayStation

PlayStation 5 delivery bottlenecks until Christmas 2021

If you are wondering: How long will PS5 consoles be sold at exorbitant prices?then this answer is simple. A few more months. Jim Ryan, the PlayStation CEO, told the Financial Times (article behind a pay wall)that he is with PS5 delivery bottlenecks until after Christmas 2021.

Nevertheless, the situation is expected to improve month by month. Especially in the second half of 2021, there should be repeated larger deliveries of the PlayStation 5. Of course, the supply is not as great as the interest in the Sony console, but more players should be served than is currently the case.

So we advise you: Don’t buy a PS5 at an overpriced pricebut just wait and see. If you look at the Games Release-Listen looks, some developers do that too. Many big titles were pushed back to 2022, like Gran Turismo 7, Hogwarts or Gollum.

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