C Lang shouted that Barcelona refused to let Dizhuang Red Devils team attacked

C Lang

Manchester United are facing a double whammy! According to the British “Times” report, the team’s ace Christano Long Nanu (C Long) has asked Manchester United to leave the team. As for the “Red Devils” this summer, they have not been able to recruit any recruits, and Franchi Dizhuang, who is regarded as the number one target, was publicly refused to sell by Barcelona president Lapuda. Hager was troubled.

The 37-year-old C Long returned to Manchester United last summer from Juventus and scored 24 goals last season, but the Red Devils ended up finishing sixth, and it was the league’s lowest score since the establishment of the Premier League in 1992. This year, he can only play in the Europa League, which means that C Lang, who has a one-year death contract with Manchester United and a one-year life contract, cannot play in the Europa League for the first time in his professional career. C Lang, the 5-time Golden Globe winner who is not Weier, didn’t want to waste time. He was also impatient with the club leaving the team this summer, but there was no new blood, so he asked to leave the team. Although the report did not mention the “next stop” of the Portuguese football king, according to the odds provided by major British bookmakers, Bayern Munich in Germany and Real Madrid in Spain are popular, and C Lang, according to the original plan, this week After the holiday, he will return to Manchester United to report and participate in the tour of Thailand and Australia from next week. His every move this week will attract the attention of the outside world.

Manchester United has not heard good news about the formation of the army, and it has not been confirmed that new recruits will join. Last week, it was rumored that the transfer fee with Barcelona had been paid, so that the old team of the new coach Tan Hag and the Dutch midfielder Frankie Dizhuang are expected to join. , recently regenerated variables.

C Long AltfordC Long Altford

C Long Altford

Tan HagTan Hag

Tan Hag

Manchester UnitedManchester United

Manchester United

Frankie DeeFrankie Dee

Frankie Dee

The president of Basel made every effort to stay in Franchit

Barcelona president Lap Dagon said publicly: “Not only Manchester United, there are other clubs that are interested in him (Franchidi Zhuang), but we have no intention of selling, and he has no intention of leaving the team. Many experts believe that Franchi is one of the world’s top players. The best midfielder, I will do everything in my power to keep him in the team.” Due to the uncertainties of Di Zhuang’s joining, it is reported that Feyenoord’s new left-hander Duval Marasia will be the first recruit to join the Red Devils this summer.

In the face of internal and external troubles, after attending the first few training sessions of the club, Manchester United chief goalkeeper Di Chia said in an interview on the official website that the public will be excited about the new season and the new Bols playing, and said: “He (Tanhag) The way the football is played is fantastic and the fans will love it.”

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