Cadiz is denied two goals against Barcelona, ​​so was the referee wronged him? Sharif settles the controversy

Cadiz is denied two goals against Barcelona, ​​so was the referee wronged him? Sharif settles the controversy

The confrontation that brought together FC Barcelona and its guest team, Cadiz, on Sunday, at the “Spotify Camp Nou” stadium, as part of the 22nd week of the Spanish Football League, witnessed arbitration cases that raised questions among the sports fans.

The referee did not count a goal for Cadiz club striker Roger Marty, who put the ball into the net of German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Barcelona’s keeper in the first half, which made the guest team protest against the decision of the match judge.

The arbitration expert for “Al-Araby Al-Jadeed”, Jamal Al-Sharif, revealed his opinion on this case, saying: “In the 19th minute, the ball was played in the back of the Barcelona team’s defenders, and at the moment the ball was passed, the player Roger Marty was in a clear offside position, and therefore the assistant referee had some Suspicions as an attack project may result in a goal.

And he continued: “According to the mouse protocol, the referee kept his decision until Roger Marty got the ball and was alone and scored a goal against Barcelona, ​​​​and immediately raised the flag because there was an infiltration case on the Cadiz striker, and therefore the decision was correct in the presence of an infiltration case on the Cadiz player.”

And about the ruling canceling the second goal of Cadiz club against Barcelona in the second half, Al-Sharif replied: “In the 58th minute, a ball lifted from a corner kick at the borders of the goal area, Rafael Khamenez, the Cadiz player, rose with Ter Stegen, Barcelona goalkeeper, who raised his hands high to try to catch the ball, But his opponent made an extra move by using the palm of his left hand to move the goalkeeper’s left forearm.”

And Al-Sharif concluded: “The hand of the Barcelona goalkeeper, who was unable to reach the ball in the correct and appropriate manner, turned around, knowing that the process of ascending and docking is a natural process, but the Cadiz player used his left hand in an attempt to remove Ter Stegen’s hand, and weakened his ability to catch or play the ball. Therefore, the referee took the decision. The decision to calculate a violation after he allowed the opportunity to continue the attack and score a goal for Kadesh, and then made his decision that he kept, to prevent stopping an attack that might have resulted in a goal, and thus he obtained confirmation and support from the mouse room of the validity of his decision taken in the presence of a violation and canceling the goal, and the decision was correct. .

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