Calais: rowing 300 km, the challenge for EREA middle school students for the Olympic Games

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« I did the most. If we win the ergo, it’s thanks to me! », enthuses Crista, passionately. Indeed, the 15-year-old girl, who attends fourth grade and a boarding school at EREA in Calais, rows every day on one of the two ergometers installed in the establishment’s reception hall. But if she participates in exploding the meter, it is indeed a project which involves all the students.

An ergometer at your fingertips

It originates from the presence of eight young people from the hope center of the French Rowing Federation who train in Gravelines but do their internship at EREA. In the Calais establishment as in other middle and high schools in Hauts-de-France, rowing machines (or ergometers) are installed and the students take turns on these devices to win three events, as part of the 2024 Olympic Games. the first stage, the establishment which covers the most kilometers wins an ergometer worth €1,300.

The second stage, from April 2 to 10, consisted of “rowing” 296 kilometerseither “ the distance between Calais and Vaire-sur-Marne », city where the rowing events will take place, explains Cédric Nion, sports technician for the Rowing Federation. Wendy Lagrange, senior education advisor, points to a poster posted next to the ergometer, with a map showing the distance. A little geography as a bonus. Next to it is a table with the students’ scores, “ to encourage them », smiles the CPE.


« We created a poster “Let’s all row five minutes for our ergometer”», she illustrates, to encourage young people to get involved in the project. “ It’s open to everyone but we have… specialists. » Like Crista. “ I do it every morning and at recessboasts the young girl, originally from Avion. I like sport. Climbing – that’s my favorite – or swimming. »Logan, a 14-year-old from Calais, is more « swimming pool and football » but he says to himself “ a good sportsman » and also wears out the rower’s seat. “ One afternoon, I already reached 1,000 m. It’s easy ! » The third stage, in June, will consist of shopping between establishments, via computer.

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