California church shooting leaves one dead, four wounded

AFP reported on the shooting of a church. In California, United States, on Monday, May 16, 2022, it said the incident happened at 1:30 p.m. Sunday. local time (3:30 a.m. on Monday morning. according to Thailand time) at the Geneva Church Presbyterian Around 30-40 people attended the luncheon in a building in Laguna Woods, about 70 kilometers southeast of Los Angeles.

“The gunman who carried out the attack opened fire on the crowd, all of them Taiwanese. That left one person dead, four more in critical condition and one victim with minor injuries. before the good citizen at the scene was able to arrest the gunman with wires tying the legs of the assailants while waiting for the police to arrive,” Orange County Sheriff Jeff Hallock said in a press release

“All the victims are Taiwanese,” Taiwan’s foreign ministry said, adding it had “deepest condolences to those killed or injured in the shooting and their families.”

The victims were aged 66-92. Authorities are investigating the motives of the shooter. This is probably an Asian man in his 60s, and he is believed to be an outsider. It is unclear whether there is any connection with the church or those in the church or not. Or it could be racism,” Jeff Hallock said in a statement.

a day earlier An 18-year-old white man recently shot and killed 10 and wounded three others, most of whom were black. At a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, where officials speculated it was a racist shooting.

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