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Cambodia defrauds thousands of people and still can’t come back Ye Yulan reveals the difficulty of rescue: Taiwanese businessmen are in danger @中

The Cambodian fraud incident has become a topic of public concern. A male netizen who used to do business in Cambodia said that many people know what they want to do when they go to Cambodia, but they didn’t expect to become “pigs”. People who don’t know are really stupid No, such people are useless to the fraud group, and they will end up being harvested for their organs. He suggested that those who insist on going to Cambodia for gold mining must carry their passports with them. If they get off the plane, they will be taken away. If there is a lot of trouble at the airport, you have to get your passport back and leave.

The original PO posted on Facebook today (16)Explosive Waste Commune Public Edition” pointed out that before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, he worked in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He said that the Cambodian fraud incident was not groundless. There were already cases of Taiwanese in Phnom Penh lure other Taiwanese to Cambodia during the Mid-Autumn Festival last year. It is a computer repairman with a monthly salary of 2,500 US dollars, equivalent to NT$75,026. Job seekers need to go to the designated gaming company to collect computer repairs, but they will be imprisoned after arriving at the designated location.

The original PO said that many Taiwanese who went to Cambodia knew that they were engaged in illegal fraud work, but they did not calculate that they would be locked up as dogs. Too stupid to be stupid, too stupid to be worthless to a fraud group, only to be sold as organs, sent overseas, and eventually died of body infection, he bluntly said, “Don’t be so whimsical, thinking that you won’t be able to earn so much from nothing. Money, trying to learn English and going to work in New Zealand to pick fruit is more realistic.”

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The former PO said that Cambodia is a country with military power, so the police have no use in the local area. If you insist on going to Cambodia to pan for gold, you must keep your passport with you, get off the plane and get a visa to go out, and you must ask for your passport back. If the passport is taken away, it means that there is a problem. If you don’t want to get your passport back, don’t leave the airport, just make a big noise at the airport until you get your passport, and then go back to Taiwan as soon as possible.

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