Camp Trump calls on justice to strike down 1.5 million votes in Pennsylvania

In a third version of the complaint they filed in federal court in Pennsylvania, lawyers for the US president are asking that he be declared the winner in that state.

Donald Trump’s lawyers never stop looking for an angle of attack. Wednesday November 18, they have “again” amended the content of the appeal filed against the result of the presidential election in Pennsylvania, report Politico.

According to the third version of the lawsuit they brought in a federal court in Pennsylvania, supporters of the US president are asking that he be named as the winner of the presidential election in that state or that the legislature of the state is empowered to nominate itself the 20 state voters.

The new complaint also claims that 1.5 million postal or proxy votes “Should not have been counted” and that they have resulted “To results indicating that Biden won Pennsylvania”.

A complaint that almost accuses the judges of bias

Trump’s lawyers also reiterated a claim that the US president’s constitutional rights “Were violated due to allegedly inadequate access by observers when processing mail ballots”, observe Politico.

The US site points out that the White House tenant’s legal team went so far as to criticize a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which concluded that “the access of observers [était] adequate”.

The new complaint “Is not far” to accuse the judges of Pennsylvania’s highest court of “Political bias”. Politico sees it as a common accusation “In newspaper editorials and television news broadcasts” but which rarely appears “In the pleadings of experienced lawyers”.


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