Canada Opens Its Doors to 13 New Countries Without Visas: Discover Who Can Enter Now

2023-06-08 19:01:00

Canada It is opening the door of entry to citizens of 13 countries who, as of this week, no longer need a visa to travel to the North American country. Yes indeed, as long as a number of conditions are met.

Among the new beneficiary countries are four Latin Americans –Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama and Uruguay– That they will be able to spend up to six months in Canadian territory either for tourism, to visit friends and relatives or to do business.

The measure is only valid for people who arrive in the country by airhave held a Canadian visa within the past 10 years or hold a valid US nonimmigrant visa.

To meet those conditions may request an electronic travel authorization (eTA) in lieu of a visa.

Until this week there were only two Latin American countries that were exempt from visas to enter Canada: Chile and Mexico.GETTY IMAGES

People who are not eligible for an eTA or traveling to Canada by means other than air (for example, by car, bus, train, and ship, including cruise ships) they will still need a visitor visa.

Canada’s objective with this measure is boost the growth of the economy Canadian by facilitating more international travel, tourism and business, as well as strengthening Canada’s relationships with these countries.

Until this week Chile and Mexico were the only Latin American countries exempt from visas to enter Canada.

*Por Nadine Yousif

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