Cande Tinelli shared a moving photo with Soledad Aquino from the clinic: “I will never let go of your hand”

Soledad Aquino, the mother of Candelaria Y Micaela Tinelli, underwent complex liver transplant surgery at the sanatorium The Trinity of Palermo. Today, she continues in the clinic recovering and contained by the affection of her family.

After Mica showed the moving altar she made in her house to pray for her beloved mother, Cande assured on her social networks that what she most longs for with all her heart is to see Soledad smile again.

Always firm with the woman, the singer again referred to her health and shared through her stories of Instagram a tender photo in which her hand is seen holding her mother’s from the clinic.

“I will never but never let go of your hand,” Cande dedicated to him.

In mid-June, Soledad received a liver transplant and is currently still in the hospital trying to recover.

A lot of strength!


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