Cande Tinelli was honest about his reconciliation with Coti Sorokin: “You have to try to fight her”

Cande Tinelli spoke about his reconciliation with Coti Sorokin (Video: “LAM”, America)

Since Cande Tinelli agreed to sit on the jury sing with me now, his exposure greatly increased. Especially, because for a certain time he shared that role with Coti Sorokin, her boyfriend. That is why she was surprised that a few weeks ago the influencer confirmed that they were going through a crisis.

There is an impasse, but I prefer not to speak… I adore him, everything is fine, but there is an impasse”, he confessed in dialogue with LAMafter having deleted all the photos together with your partner from your account Instagram. Although he denied the separation to the media, she was very sure of her actions. “I feel good, at a good time in my life, I feel good about myself, it holds me well… I’m working as a family and super content, that helps a lot,” she revealed. However, she left a sentence that surprised. “The man is so stupid, half-stacked guys,” said Cande, when asked by the mobilero, who asked her what she thought of the last posts made by the artist.

The truth is that, apparently, the crisis did not last long and, after confirming that they are together againthe daughter of Marcelo Tinelli analyzed his bond with the interpreter of “Nothing was an error”. “That’s right, relationships have to be worked on. This generation has a hard time sustaining something, there is little tolerance and patience. It seems to me that you have to learn, like people who are still married and one says ´how did they do it?´. You work, some things are transferred, to a certain extent, ”he began by explaining in an interview with the cycle he leads. Angel of Brito. And he added: “As (Gabriel) Rolón says, you have to learn to love what the other person lacks.”

Although with some twists and turns, Cande Tinelli and Coti Sorokin have been a couple for two years

You have to try to fight it, for me that is the secret of relationships. Because if you don’t have patience, you send everything to the m… and it doesn’t work, “he continued. She, although she admitted to being very impulsive: “Sometimes I rescue myself and think. But we’re both hotheads.” And she limited her, as a joke: “I hope you don’t come every time I break up or fight, because it can happen a thousand times more.” In any case, she acknowledged: “I love being in a couple, I don’t like being single and damn, it’s not my thing.”

Days ago, both had given indications in the networks that everything had returned to be fine between them. The first virtual gesture was given by Coti, when he mentioned Cande in his stories. “Painted homemade keto chocolate pudding by Lelu Cheff @candelariatinelli,” she wrote. At that time Lelé did not repost the story, but in case there were any doubts, the artist published a video where one of Cande’s pets appeared playing in the living room, nothing more and nothing less than in the house of his partner. The same lights on the ceiling, the double door, the floors and the moldings on the walls gave away that they were in the same place.

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It should be remembered that after she admitted that they were going through an incipient crisis after two years of dating, his father had told how they would continue with the talent show in case the breakup was definitive: “What I am saying is that I love my daughter. My daughter’s decision will take precedence over all things. It is her personal decision and what she decides I will respect and accompany her because she is my daughter and she is the person I love”.


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