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Updated on 01/19/2021 11:00 am

Ana Huanca, candidate for Congress for National victory, the same party that seeks to lead to the presidency George Forsyth, kicked a dog that crossed his path when he tried to sit down before presenting his parliamentary list in the province of Huamalíes, region of Huanuco.

In images from this newspaper it is observed how the dog, wagging its tail, approaches the candidate for the Legislature, but she turns around, sees him and tells him throw a kick, scaring the receding animal.

After striking the animal, Huanca he makes the sign to be removed from the party premises, located in the Llata ​​district. This fact generated some questions from the attitude of the applicant.

Candidate kicks dog – MAIL

What did the candidate for Congress say?

Ana Huanca was consulted by Mail about this case and denied having assaulted the dog and he defended himself saying that he is his pet and that he can never cause him any harm.

“In no way can I attack any animal or person. It was a fortuitous event, I was entering, I just raised my foot to take the next step and the puppy got in. He is my pet, he surely saw me and ran. It’s my pet, what am I going to hit my pet “, Held.

Finally, the candidate for a seat in Congress indicated that the dog is called Drako Darío and that he had no bad intention.


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