Cannibal Corpse – Chaos Horrific

2023-09-22 07:00:45

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One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but a new guitarist can drive an entire band to peak performance. Since then, long-time producer and touring guitarist Erik Rutan has been with us Cannibal Corpse is on board, the death metal veterans are in top form. What’s more, “Violence Unimagined” was their strongest album in a long time two and a half years ago. This trend should continue „Chaos Horrific“ now continue – for bassist Alex Webster, a continuation of the high-flyer, which still sounds a little different, perhaps even a touch more technical.

That’s exactly what “Blood Blind” tries to do and initially stumbles. The start seems a bit awkward and doesn’t really get going. Is something wrong here? Not at all, because the mid-tempo stomper gradually frees itself and layers brutal sawing and Corpsegrinder’s usual guttural vocals over it. A second rocket stage ignites at the right time and dismantles everything. “Overlords Of Violence”, on the other hand, lets the bass bubble first before the opener moves forward with brash, raw energy. All the trademarks of a good Cannibal Corpse track are there, not a blade of grass remains standing in three crisp minutes.

What the veterans also master are subtle, rancid melodic approaches. This doesn’t disrupt the regular sound, it just makes it a little more powerful and voluminous. Very little happens on the surface in “Fracture And Refracture”, but these small details allow the otherwise well-behaved song to grow further and further before a cutting solo dismantles everything. “Drain You Empty” makes it even better, as it briefly drifts into putrid death-doom territory, occasionally swinging the steam hammer. This rancid, mangy atmosphere works wonders and releases gripping, fresh accents. Classic breakwaters like “Summoned For Sacrifice” or “Pitchfork Impalement” round off the action.

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Actually, there isn’t much new happening here, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Cannibal Corpse bring in some fresh subtleties, brutal, technical and a bit moldy at the same time. It also delivers constant blows to the neck, as brutal as it is unyielding. So what makes “Chaos Horrific” the second outstanding album in a row? Maybe it’s the powerful sound that packs more punch than ever, or the plethora of killer riffs that takes no prisoners. A lot of variety, more pressure in the mid-tempo sector and noticeably more anger in the stomach support clever songwriting. Cannibal Corpse are experiencing another spring and riding a bloody wave of success.

Rating: 9/10

Available from: September 22, 2023
Available via: Metal Blade (Sony Music)


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