Capcom’s Challenges with Enigma Protector: Game Security and Player Satisfaction

2024-01-13 20:00:20

Capcom is famous for its distinctive releases in the world of games, but it has recently faced major challenges regarding the security system it adopts in some of its games. The company achieved tremendous success with the game Resident Evil Revelations, but it was also a cause of dissatisfaction with many players.

A series of negative reviews began on Steam after Capcom added a new protection system called Enigma Protector to the game. The effects of this system on the game were not positive, as there were reports of performance errors, poor frame rates, and even game crashes at times. After players faced these difficulties, Capcom decided to roll back the update and remove the new system.

Although the game used to have high ratings, its rating has now deteriorated significantly due to the appearance of negative comments, and the game is now classified as “negative.” But the positive side remains that Capcom responded very quickly to the players’ problem, canceled the update, and promised to issue a new update as soon as the problem was resolved.

The funny thing is that Capcom has used the Enigma Protector system in many of its other games, such as Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, and saw it as an effective system to limit the use of modifications and cheating in its games.

Ultimately, Capcom still has its own challenges in terms of players receiving its updates and choosing the right protection system. However, it will not hesitate to work on solving technical problems and improving the gaming experience to maintain its reputation as a leading company in the gaming industry.

Ma Hu Enigma Protector?

Enigma Protector is a security system used in games to reduce unauthorized modifications and cheating.

Is Capcom working on fixing the issue?

Yes, Capcom has canceled the problematic update and has pledged to release a new update as soon as the issue is resolved.

Will Capcom continue to use the Enigma Protector system?

Yes, the company has used this system in many of its other games and has found it very effective.

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