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title:[Car rollover scene]Sudden death after staying up late and working overtime? Use the method of diet to alleviate the harm to quickly get!
author:China’s digital age
Date of publication:2022.7.30
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Recently, the news that Huihui (pseudonym), a 22-year-old girl in Hangzhou, stayed up late for four or five consecutive days and worked overtime to enter the ICU and finally passed away, which has attracted the attention of netizens. Relevant media reported that Huihui’s body had been sent back to her hometown in Jiangxi for cremation, and the cause of her death may be related to “sudden death caused by myocarditis” caused by long-term overtime.

Circular issued by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Binjiang District, Hangzhou City


Weibo by Huihui’s father

On Weibo, the topic “#22-year-old girl who worked overtime suddenly died overnight” has reached more than 20 million views. Under this topic, many netizens expressed sympathy for Huihui’s experience and angry condemnation of the deformed overtime culture.


However, CCTV’s official video account @中video is teaching netizens “how to alleviate the harm of staying up late through diet” when the topic is hot, and calmly shares some knowledge of diet therapy, seemingly forgetting that this is a tragedy caused by being forced to work overtime After the incident, many netizens strongly protested against this inappropriate content connection, criticizing it as a “joke of hell” and “blood-eating steamed buns”.


At present, @中video has deleted this controversial Weibo.

The following are excerpts from the comments of netizens by the editor of China Digital Times:

The Evil King’s True Eyes: People who stay up late and die suddenly also eat steamed buns with human blood.

Xitou Gugu: Oh my god, what a hell of a joke, strangling your neck and telling others to take medicine, but you let go!

Very ordinary but very confident: this master is the master of pretending to be confused!

Mechanic who can draw cartoons: Wake up, Iron Fist is no longer a worker and peasant.

Xue Sui: The implication is that your sudden death is because you did not eat well.

qq801109: Isn’t the answer not to stay up late? What the hell is this?

lw9394: The butcher doesn’t feel so much pain when he teaches pigs what to do when they are slaughtered.

Zhenyuan not Fang: Just like I am willing to endure.

One mustard: The fathers all began to use the spirit of “Second Uncle” to force the chicken soup with poison, so I really only have myself left to rely on.

gfwisashit: CCTV teaches you how to become a long-lasting second uncle.

sss_1713: Don’t talk about the sudden death, “Mother Yang”, it’s really yours.

happy238: Just send some Lotus Qingwen directly.

CJTV2010: Capitalists didn’t expect it.

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