Carabineros unveiled a new party held at dawn this Tuesday in San Fernando – O’Higgins region -, which was reported at around 4:50 am by residents of the sector.

Captain Luis González, from the 1st Police Station of San Fernando, referred to this, explaining that it was a clandestine event: verify the realization of a clandestine party in which 50 individuals participated in a commercial premises in the commune of San Fernando ”.

When uniformed personnel arrived at the site, they noticed the presence of around 50 people who were participating in the meeting. Under these circumstances, nine people were arrested. One of them is a deputy inspector of the Investigative Police, which was confirmed by the same PDI, as collected Emol.

In a statement, they stated: “In the framework of an inspection, a detective from the San Fernando Criminal Investigation Brigade was arrested for violation of article 318, while he was inside a pub, outside working hours.”

“By virtue of the foregoing, the institution ordered the opening of an administrative summary to establish the circumstances that led to his detention and apply the corresponding disciplinary measures in the case”, they assured.