Cardiologist Bokeria called 4 reasons to drink sparkling water instead of regular

What about bloating and broken teeth?

According to Olga Bokeria, carbonated water without additives does not harm tooth enamel. And although there is little research on this topic, it has already been proven for sure that soda damages enamel only if it contains sugar.

Also this water can not “acidify” the body.

– Carbon dioxide and water react chemically to form carbonic acid, a weak acid that has been shown to stimulate the same nerve receptors in the mouth as mustard. This causes a burning, tingling sensation that can be both annoying and pleasant. However, this does not “acidify” the body, as the kidneys and lungs remove excess carbon dioxide and maintain the acidity of the blood in the slightly alkaline range of 7.38-7.45, regardless of what you eat or drink, the cardiologist assured, specifying that the pH carbonated water is only 3-4.

Besides, do not be particularly afraid when drinking ordinary sparkling water and bloating. According to the doctor, he is more likely to be provoked by sweet soda and, in principle, any sweet drinks. But if you have such an individual feature and even ordinary water causes gas formation, you can reduce the sensitivity of the intestines – the doctor advised in this case to drink water in small sips, since bloating can cause air that enters the stomach when we eat and drink in a hurry.

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