Cardiologist Eric Sabbah GoFundMe Campaign and Disciplinary Fine Update

2024-02-12 17:17:11

Cardiologist Eric Sabbah is asking the public for donations, even though he has not yet received the disciplinary fine of $25,000.

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The College of Physicians confirms to TVA Nouvelles that the sanction which will be imposed on it is still being deliberated.

Dr. Eric Sabbah organized a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign. Is Dr. Sabbah really behind this crowdfunding campaign or is it a fraudulent account?

Doctor Sabbah did not return TVA Nouvelles’ call to confirm everything. On the other hand, we see that this GoFundMe has so far raised $10,500, while the goal to reach is $25,000.


There is even a message written in all likelihood by Dr. Sabbah which states that the penalty from the disciplinary committee of the College of Physicians and his legal fees amount to $50,000.

He asks the population for “moral and financial support” to help them ensure full legal defense. In five days, $10,500 was raised.

Last November, cardiologist Eric Sabbah called for a “great cleansing” of the Gaza Strip. “It’s over for Gaza and Hamas. After two weeks of evacuation notice, it’s time for a big cleaning. Impossible to distinguish the good from the bad…”, wrote the specialist on his Facebook page.

He admitted his guilt before the disciplinary council of the College of Physicians last January. The College received 1,100 complaints from the population against it.

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