Carolina Losada’s blooper in the Santa Fe elections: what happened

2023-07-16 16:31:36

The pre-candidate for governor Carolina Losada went this morning to school number 147 Province of Entre Ríos, located in Fisherton, on the outskirts of the city of Rosario, to cast her vote. The senator, rival of Maximiliano Pullaro and Mónica Fein in the opposition “front of fronts”, He bet on having a good performance in Rosario, the most influential district of Santa Fe, in order to consolidate his chances of winning the internship. What happened when she came to vote.

While she spent the last hours before the election accompanied by her family, She came to vote accompanied by her partner Luis Naidenoff, and her daughter. Once at school he realized, once he got off, that he did not have the document.

«How hung up. I forgot it in my wallet.” he said upon entering. The bag was in the car.

Once the problem was solved, the senator – who arrived with invoices for the table authorities and the journalists – slipped a chicane. «Here is my document, for those who had doubts that I am from Rosario“, said. It is that one of the main darts that he received from his adversaries during the campaign was that he does not reside in the province, since he lives in Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, another relaxed moment se lived when Naidenoff was approached by a Central fan, even dressed in the scoundrel jacket, who assured him that he would vote for her despite Losada’s fanaticism for Newell’s Old Boys, his eternal rival.

With election day underway, candidates continue to tour the polling stations and await the results. The competition in Rosario is especially close, as it is a key district in the Santa Fe elections.. Losada will seek to stand out in this area to strengthen his position and gain ground in the internal opposition.

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