Casablanca Stock Exchange Weekly Report: MASI Index Sees Positive Growth, Top Sector Performers Revealed

2024-02-24 12:50:00

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed the week of February 19 to 23 on a positive note, its flagship index, the MASI, increasing by 1.65% to 13,083.17 points (pts).

The MASI.20, which reflects the price performance of the 20 most liquid companies, and the MASI.ESG, an index of companies with the best ESG rating, as published by Moody’s ESG Solutions, advanced, respectively, by 1, 63% to 1,064.64 pts and 1.88% to 972.01 pts.

For its part, the MASI Mid and Small Cap, the thematic index which calculates the price performance of small and medium-sized companies listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, gained 0.65% to 1,103.81 pts.

Sectorally, the electricity index recorded the largest increase (+5.13%) ahead of telecommunications (+2.93%) and transport services (+2.65%).

Conversely, the mining index showed the biggest decline (-2.88%), followed by the chemicals index (-2.79%) and that of transport (-0.38% ).

Trade reached more than 1.22 billion dirhams (billion dirhams), mainly carried out on the Central market, whose volume amounted to 1.13 billion dirhams. The block market recorded a volume of 64.77 million dirhams (MDH) while transfers stood at 21.03 MDH.

Regarding the most active instruments, Itissalat Al-Maghrib occupied first place with a transactional flow of 218.69 MDH, ahead of Bcp (124.36 MDH) and Attijariwafa Bank (110.12 MDH).

For its part, the market capitalization amounted to more than 676.31 billion dirhams.

In terms of individual values, the largest increases were achieved by Résidences Dar Saada (+6.44% to 31.25 DH), Cih (+5.73% to 378.4 DH), Agma (+5.63% to 378.4 DH), 7,500 DH), Sonasid (+5.63 to 750 DH) Taqa Morocco (+5.13% to 1,250 DH).

On the other hand, Rebab Company (-10.39% to 69 DH), Minière Touissit (-10.25% to 1,305 DH), M2M Group (-8.79% to 550 DH), Zellidja SA (-5.99% at 70.74 DH) and Maroc Leasing (-4.59% to 361.05 DH) showed the biggest declines.

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