Casas: We will follow players inside and outside Iraq to build a competitive team

January 16, 2023

Baghdad / Obelisk: The coach of the Iraqi national team, Jesus Casas, said, on Monday 16/01/2023, that he will follow up the players inside and outside Iraq to create a competitive team, indicating that the victory today was deserved and fair.

Casas said in the press conference after the end of the match, with Iraq’s victory over Qatar 2-1: We will follow all the players, whether inside or outside Iraq, and age does not concern me in order to create a competitive team. Matches are like today’s match. We knew that Ayman Hussein would have the advantage over the hearts of the defense, so we bet on him.

He added: There are some moments in the matches that are difficult, and Qatar have a long period of playing together and getting to know each other. Our goal was to close the depth area and prevent them from passing the ball between the lines .. I am happy with all the players, we defend and attack as one block, and we managed the match well.

He continued: The physical aspect worries me because of playing consecutive matches, but we will deal with this situation, and with regard to the Qatari goal in football, it is impossible not to make a mistake, and I am more worried about not making mistakes than conceding goals.

He concluded his speech by saying: From this moment we can think of the title as we could not think of it because we are playing step by step and we hope to make the Iraqi people happy.

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