Castex in Lot-et-Garonne by “solidarity”, the Charente in flood

Prime Minister Jean Castex wished on Friday during a visit to Marmande (Lot-et-Garonne) that the state of natural disaster be declared “as soon as possible” in the flooded areas of the great southwest, where the recession continues everywhere except on the Charente.

Floods of an unmatched magnitude for 40 years have affected the Garonne Marmandaise sector but this situation which had justified a placement in red vigilance improved markedly on Friday and the entire department is now in yellow vigilance.

The rating of the Garonne, which climbed to 10.20 m overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, a level close to that of 1981 (10.56 m), fell rapidly on Friday (6.30 m at 10 p.m.).

In Marmande, where he “wanted to demonstrate (s) the solidarity and solidarity of the State” towards the victims, local elected officials and firefighters, Jean Castex carried out a helicopter flight over the flooded lands and noted the damage among inhabitants.

“It came out through the baseboards, the doors. At one point we let it go, it was no longer useful” to mop up, said Mr. Martin, who measured 30 cm of water at home. “There are poor people who are really in misery. It is especially of them that we must think”.

“Every situation is different, some can relocate others not. You have to take each case into consideration”, observed Mr. Castex in return.

“I hope that you will be well compensated”, also launched the Prime Minister to a disaster victim, Léo Marié, who answered him: “This is why we pay them the insurers”.

To a lady in whom there was still a meter of mud, Jean Castex assured that the state of “natural disaster” would be “of course” declared. “And please, no containment,” she pleaded.

For the PS mayor of Marmande Joël Hocquelet, many inhabitants “will have to take the boat to leave their homes” because “many houses remain inaccessible, and roads are not yet passable”.

– Evacuated prison –

In this agglomeration of 30,000 inhabitants, it was time for the first cleanings and questions on the speed and extent of the phenomenon. “There is a lack of evacuation of certain rivers that are not maintained,” lamented René Da Ros, 78, a disaster victim.

“When (the Garonne) got out (of her bed), she just touched here (my) gate, but she never came back like that, never!”, Assured Martine, in front of her house.

According to the prefecture, the rising waters have led to some 360 ​​evacuations, managed by the municipalities and firefighters. Since last weekend, the latter have carried out more than 350 interventions linked to the “Justine” meteorological event and to the consecutive floods.

Downstream on the Garonne, the recession seemed a little slower at La Réole and Langon (Gironde), also affected by rises in water never seen since 1981. But the sector was also downgraded Friday evening to yellow vigilance.

In Charente and Charente-Maritime, the Charente river, which remains vigilant orange continues to rise, especially between Angoulême and Saintes.

In Saintes, the 92 detainees of the Saintes remand center were transferred to establishments in New Aquitaine “in order to anticipate possible difficulties of access” to the prison, according to the prefecture of Charente-Maritime.

In this sector, a disturbance “should increase and become general” Saturday “with accumulations (of precipitation) sometimes substantial” and water levels which “will remain high”, according to Vigicrues.

According to the prefecture of Charente-Maritime, 150 people were evacuated on Friday, 22 municipalities are affected and a peak is expected for Monday, “subject to the level of precipitation” this weekend.

In Jarnac and Cognac (Charente), the river reached 12.42 m and 7.50 m respectively on Friday at 9:00 p.m., not far from the great flood of 1994 (12.65 m and 8.04 m respectively).

According to the prefecture of Charente, the floods caused problems on the water collection systems in several municipalities, preventing the distribution of drinking water by the network to around 2,200 households.

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