Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands: The future queen’s big announcement about her future

The choice is made and the line drawn. December 7, 2021 was marked with a white stone in the calendar of the royal family of the Netherlands. The reason ? Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange-Nassau, was celebrating her majority. After several months of hiatus, the future queen with a strong personality gave the first clear indications of her majestic future.

From the Palace to the kot

If Elisabeth of Belgium preferred to complete her training away from home, in Oxford, Amalia chose to stay on her land. It is at the University of Amsterdam that the daughter of Willem-Alexander and Maxima will have an appointment at the start of the school year. Politics, psychology, law and economics: these will be the four pillars of his course, says the Palace.

The one who had set aside her royal endowment during the pandemic also made it known that she would not live in an ivory tower, but in a roommate. The official press release was accompanied by a photo of the princess on the banks of the capital.

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