Catherine Fulop’s word after Oriana Sabatini told that she considers herself bisexual

A few weeks ago, through a question and answer game by Instagram, Oriana Sabatini said that she considers herself bisexual. The young woman, who is dating the soccer player Paulo Dybala, He had no problem answering the question of a follower, although he did not give it much importance.

In the last hours, his mom, Catherine Fulop, referred for the first time to this confession. “What this generation wants to transmit, which seems nice to me, is that talking about gender at this time is late“, Expressed during an interview with Relentless.

“I think it was misunderstood. What he meant is not that he is bisexual because he practices bisexuality, that he is with Paulo and with a girl ”, explained the actress. “She is in love with her partner not because he is a man, but because she considers him to be the best person in the world that she could be with at this time,” he added, closing the matter.

Oriana’s revelation occurred when the artist played a game with her Instagram followers, answering true or false questions they asked her. “Are you bisexual?” One person wanted to know. “True?”, she answered, with a question mark. “If you have to put a label on it, I guess so”, added below.

Oriana Sabatini answered one of the questions of a follower without problemsInstagram

This is not the first time that the young woman talks about her sexual orientation. “There is nothing more beautiful in this life than feeling and being free. I do not know if I am a lesbian or if I like women, or if I am bisexual, but I would not have prejudices about that, “she once said on the radio program Hold on Catalina downplaying the issue.

Oriana is currently happily dating Dybala, with whom she lives in Turin, Italy. The couple met through Ricky Sarkany, who passed the singer’s number to the footballer. According to her, they only got engaged at six months. “I was in another moment of my life, and he returned to Italy right away. The first time we met it was with a group of friends, and he was super nice. At first I liked him, but I didn’t look at him with the eyes of something else. She had cute gestures that she had never experienced with a man. For example, he sent me flowers and it’s silly, but I was coming off a bad run and they had a different meaning: they were much more than just flowers. The floor moved me and I couldn’t stop thinking about him, ”she said when talking about the first approaches with her boy.


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