“Cats that Bring Wealth and Good Luck – The Best Breeds to Have as Your Fluffy Talisman”

2023-05-26 09:15:02

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Cats of these breeds not only please the owner, but also bring money.

Esotericists are sure that some types of cats have a unique energy that attracts wealth, luck and happiness to the house. Let’s figure out which of the pets is a fluffy talisman.

Siamese cat

According to legend, it was this breed that was loved by the gods. When the Higher powers gave the Siamese cat to people, they endowed it with a special gift: a pet can attract good luck for its owner. But there is one small condition for a Siamese cat to bring prosperity to the house, it must be surrounded by attention and care.

Thai cat

It is believed that this breed of cat is able to attract good luck in finance. But only the owner of a Thai cat who knows certain rules for feeding her will be rich. The pet must be treated with raw chicken meat once a week so that it does not lose its magical abilities.

White cat of any breed

But many esotericists do not share the opinion that a cat of a certain breed can attract good luck. For mystics, the color of the animal is more important. It is believed that a fluffy white cat brings home not only money and good luck, but also happiness in his personal life. If you want to get a promotion at work or have successful business negotiations, then before leaving the house, stroke the white cat three times. If the pet purrs in response, it means that you have received a piece of his luck and you can safely hit the road.

And lastly, if suddenly a cat ran into your house, do not kick it out – this is a sure sign of imminent financial enrichment.

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